Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cool-Ven?

Cool-Ven is a fully insulated, soft-sided , portable lunch bag with an integrated and detachable meal heating chamber/hot plate.

Is Custom Branding available for Cool-Ven Bags?

Absolutely! Cool-Ven has conveniently designed it’s own logo to maximize fabric real estate giving way for plenty of custom branding and logo options for your company, event or organization. Contact Us

How hot does the Cool-Ven’s heating chamber get?

Cool-Ven’s integrated hot plate reaches temperatures nearing 210 degree Fahrenheit. After about an hour in the insulated chamber, meals can reach a safe consumption range of 145 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

What kind of containers can I use with Cool-Ven?

Cool-Ven is suitable for metal and microwave safe food containers (up to 28 oz. per container).

Can I use my Cool-Ven in my vehicle?

Yes you can. Cool-Ven offers both 110 volt (which can be paired with an inverter) or a 12 volt version which can be plugged directly into any 12 volt power outlet (“cigarette lighter plug”).

How long does it take to heat a meal in a Cool-Ven bag?

Approximately 1 hour. Denser and/or colder foods can take a bit longer.

How many meals can fit in a Cool-Ven?

You can fit up to four (28oz.) standard "meal prep style" containers inside. Three in the cooling chamber and one in the cooking chamber.

How much power does the hot plate consume?

The Cool-Ven’s hot plate is rated at 55 watts but normally consumes between 45 and 50 watts while in use.

Can I use my own power inverter with Cool-Ven?

Absolutely! Due to the hot plates’ low power consumption, a simple 100 to 150 watt power inverter is all that’s necessary. Cool-Ven also offers power inverters for your convenience.

Is Cool-Ven 110 volts or 12 volts?

Cool-Ven now offers our hot plates in both 110 volt and 12 volt versions.

Will Cool-Ven also refrigerate my meals?

At this time, Cool-Ven does not have “active cooling” capabilities as commonly found in refrigerators. However, as refrigeration systems become more compact, rest assured that Cool-Ven will attempt to incorporate “active cooling technologies” into our future products. Currently, Cool-Ven uses power only for its heating capabilities. It’s also very effective at insulating your chilled or frozen meals much like a soft sided cooler or ice chest.

My brand new Cool-Ven hot plate is smoking.  Is this a problem?

During the first heating cycle of all new Cool-Ven hot plates, you may notice a small amount of smoke emitting from your hot plate. Don’t fear, the smoking should only last for about five minutes while it burns off surface contaminants from the assembly process. You should not notice any additional smoking after the initial “burn-off” is complete. We recommend that your initial heating cycle be performed in a well ventilated area for about ten minutes. Always use caution with your hot plate as it can reach surface temperatures up to 212 degree Fahrenheit.

Can food containers that do not fit in the top heating chamber be heated in the lower section?

Yes. Although the Cool-Ven is designed to primarily heat meals in the upper section, it is perfectly safe to use the lower section for heating large sized containers from time to time. When using the lower section, we recommend you place the aluminum foil covered stiffener board from the top section into the lower section. The lower section contains a clear PVC spill proof liner so you may notice a slight odor when using it for heating. This is normal and will dissipate the more it is used. The lower section does not have a “pass through” slot for the power cord so instead it can be passed through the front access between the two zippers.

Does the top section need to be removed for heating meals?

No. The Cool-Ven was designed to allow for heating meals when fully assembled. We designed the Cool-Ven with a removable top for added convenience to our customers that only need to take one meal with them and do not required additional meal storage space.

Can I use the heating plate with other cooler bags?

No. We do not recommend using the heating plate with any other product. This could lead to a safety issue.

Can I use Cool-Ven to heat up a TV dinner?

Absolutely. We have tested several TV dinner style meals in the Cool-Ven with great success. As long as the meal container is “heat-safe,” it should also be compatible with our heating plate. During our tests, it took about two hours for the meal to go from a frozen state to hot and ready to eat.