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Cool-Ven uses 110V Vehicle Power Receptacles

Cool-Ven uses a convenient 110-volt hot plate (versus just a 12-volt plate) because of its versatility. Most modern vehicle manufacturers are now coming equipped with 110-volt receptacles integrated into the interior or dash panels offering the conveniences of traditional home-bound power. With Cool-Ven’s standard voltage plate, it can be used in any vehicle, boat, or heavy machinery or in any building with a standard power outlet. At only 55 watts of power consumption, Cool-Ven can be paired with a simple 120 to 150 watt power inverter without the need for any modifications to your vehicle’s interior making the 110 volt Cool-Ven bag much more versatile for usage on the go and no matter where you end up. Cool-Ven brings convenience and versatility to any your lifestyle, on-the-go.

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